Your New Main Squeeze

We juiced up our Hefeweizen with loads of real fruit puree for a refreshing infused brew to brighten up your day. Available in crushable, beach-ready cans.

Variety Pack NEW

This California crafted variety pack features three flavors of Cali-Squeeze packed in beach-ready 16oz cans.


Real Fruit Puree

No extracts here. We use real fruit puree in all our brews for waves of refreshing flavor.

Soft Hefe Base

Our Hefeweizen beer has a soft mouthfeel that makes a perfect backdrop to showcase these fruit flavors.

Vibrant Color

Each Squeeze radiates a vibrant color that comes naturally from the rich fruit puree.

Cali-Squeeze Seltzer

Hard Seltzer Variety Pack NEW

Cali-Squeeze Seltzer packs a punch. Settle in for waves of refreshing flavor without the hold down. Crafted with juicy real fruit and naturally gluten-free, we’ve made it easy to enjoy a slice of California sunshine year-round.


Give Life a Squeeze

Whether you are out at the beach, lake or just hanging with friends – relax, grab a can and Give Life a Squeeze.

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